About Us

Like most excellent business, everything began with an idea. Almost 4 years earlier, Highland Browz set out to include higher advantage to the timeshare experience when they originated the getaway exchange idea. The Highland Browz's established a system that enabled owners to switch time at their home resort for a remain at a different associated property-- providing a brand-new level of versatility and option to timeshare owners and changing a market at the same time.

Today, Highland Browz stays the leader in holiday exchange, using the world's biggest trip exchange network and supplying first-to-market developments, and unequaled services and products to boost the trip ownership experience. It's one of the many reasons more resorts trust Highland Browz to provide holiday exchange services to its members than other company around the world.

Through 2 core exchange programs, Highland Browz Weeks ® and The Registry Collection ®, Highland Browz assists its members to take the getaways of their dreams and check out the world through over 4,300 associated resorts in almost 110 nations *. Members can also take pleasure in other lots on travel, cruises, and rental chances, along with a host of other travel and Lifestyle Benefits through the Highland Browz Platinum ® subscription tier.
At Highland Browz, we understand that no matter how hectic life gets, you treasure the time you reserve each year to obtain away and develop memories that will last a lifetime. And it's because your trip means the world to us that our educated partners are so committed to providing premium trip experiences to each member.